The Devil’s Spine: Session 9

(…continuing from Session 8…)

  • Xi unsuccessfully tries to use his beam lance to cut through the door…several times
  • They decide to retrace their steps and revisit Aurturi
  • Xi fabulously dives through one of the smashing panels but is painfully caught in the second one in the middle of his back handspring
  • The are surprised to discover that all of the traps and pressure plates in a previous room have moved. The path they once thought safe was safe no longer
  • They explore the other passageway – which lead to a small, empty room and an overhead surprise
  • Zarvox was able to talk down a very confused, angry, and hurt culova, offering it protection if it would stay close to him.
  • In their remorse, most of the party offered the spidery creature restorative cyphers or food and helped bandage up the very wounds they caused
  • They then discovered a burial chamber complete with an occupied sarcophagus
  • Leena got her hand smashed in the lid when it closed on its own, and when she reopened it, a gust of air hit her hand making it feel a bit better
  • She then sprayed her canister of sparkling spray into the sarcophagus just as the lid closed
  • Continuing their ascent, they were momentarily stumped by the tunnel with the coded doors, but they were able to figure out the pattern and emerged once more in the side of the deep shaft.
  • Everyone ascended the rope, some more bravely than others, and found themselves once more in front of the shimmering doorway leading to Aurturi
  • Hemming and hawing about what to do, they finally decided to spend the rest of the night outside on the landing, getting some rest and recovering from their foray into the Pit
  • When morning came, they approached Aurturi and had a discussion with it about the Sting of Death it offered as well as the deal it had brokered with Bach. They then offered him a promise of genocide in exchange for a similar deal. Aurturi agreed to ponder the offer.
  • Odd decided to take the plunge and asked Aurturi for the Sting. It happily (and speedily) complied, stabbing the man in the chest with its venom-dripping tail. Odd froze, paralized for a long moment before coming to once again. In addition to being hurt, he discovered that his neck had grown about 6 inches longer.
  • One by one, the rest received the Sting of Death and were one by one transformed in some way:
    • Odd’s parasite grew a tail
    • Zarvox grew gill-like appendages on his neck
    • Xenath’s lips turned a dark shade of purple
    • Xenath’s parasite developed a thick fur coat
    • Leena’s teeth became pointed
    • Xi found himself covered in lumps that each looked a bit like Odd

Having felt the Sting of Death, they thanked Aurturi and departed.

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