The Devil’s Spine: Session 8

(continuing from Session 7….)

….using a bowl he had found, Xenath scooped up a glob of the black goo and raced back toward the room where the others waited. As he scooped it up, a cloud of black smoke poured from both the puddle on the floor and from the container he now held. Despite the fluid sloshing around dangerously (as it had very little viscosity), he was able to successfully navigate the hallway. As he entered the small room where everyone had congregated, everyone began choking on the black cloud. It stung their eyes and burned its way into their lungs.

Between coughing fits, Xi had Xenath halt long enough for him to dip his pinky finger into the goo. It immediately began burning away at his finger and he flicked the remnants back into the bowl. His finger didn’t look too bad off, but it was hard to tell as he could no longer feel it.

While they were fascinated by the numb digit, a portal of purple energy spiraled into the room, and stepping from it was Zarvox’s brother! Hansuraz introduced himself to the others, making fast friends with Xenath. He was apprised of the situation and attempted to help Xenath splash a bit of the goo up on the closed door, then swinging the bowl down fast enough to catch it again. Together, they threw it up against the wall and successfully caught it again. But in doing so, a glob splashed on Xenath’s shoulder. He was able to shake it off before it caused any damage, though his arm immediately went limp from the shoulder down.

Hacking and coughing at the putrid cloud filling the small room, they stumbled out into the room where the glass table hovered. They then spent the next hours trying a variety of experiments with the goo, table, and door, hoping to blindly stumble upon the right combination to cause the door to open. After all was said and done,

Half of Xi’s pinky was painlessly dissolved. The other half is numb and useless
Xenath’s arm is limp and numb and surprisingly useful as a dead weight to swing around
The glass table has been shattered. Shards of it are scattered throughout the room, floating at same level as table
Everything short of drinking the black goo or throwing someone into it were tried (and both those options were seriously considered)

When they finally grew weary of the continual pain and damage the black goo was causing, they left it and re-explored the area. Happening upon an idea, Leena shot her grapple cypher up the elevator shaft where it held fast to the bottom of the platform. Boldly grasping onto the rope, Xi climbed up and banged against the metal surface. A chance blow caused his beam lance to activate, slicing through the platform. He quickly pounced upon the opportunity and cut a hole large enough for him to climb through. Once having done so, he squeezed the ball to bring the elevator back down where he stepped forth and bowed fabulously.

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