The Devil’s Spine: Session 4

The party left the village next to the Invisible Sea and continued their trek west. The latest clue they have was that a nevajin named Eenosh might know something. After two more days of walking across the unremarkable plain, they came upon what appeared to be a statue of a man half buried in the earth.


As they drew nearer, several creatures crawled over and around the statue, barking and chirping at the approaching party. After a few unsuccessful attempts at communicating, Odd shot a bolt of electricity at the largest of them. Combat ensued.


Electricity arced across the wasteland, bolts of energy lanced through the air, claw and fang rent flesh, and Xarvox did his best to rip the tail off of one of the chirogs. The combat carried on with no clear indication of who would emerge victorious, so Radinator took off running toward the statue where he climbed up to a shoulder. Soaring through the air overhead was Odd using a cypher to jump the distance and land perfectly on the head of the statue. They both saw a leanto attached to the back of the statue.

The chirogs, seeing their leader slain by the hand of Xi swarmed him, yet he deftly danced through them all, dodging and parrying blows with his energy lance.

Emerging from the hut was a strange, creature covered in bark-like skin. He took in the scene and barked out a chirping command. The remaining chirogs ceased their fighting and came to him. He introduced himself as Eenosh, then turned to the chirogs and had a brief chirping conversation with them. Eenosh explained some of the unique situation he was in. He sought after numenera to preserve it, whereas the chirogs sought after numenera to destroy it. They had worked out a tenuous stalemate.


Hearing that the chirogs loved to eat numenera, the party began turning out their pockets and giving cyphers to the ravenous creatures who tore into them with abandon. Odd then triggered another cypher to lock them in stasis while they and Eenosh made their exit. But not before scouring the hut where they found a few shin and a couple cyphers Eenosh had hidden away.

Eenosh answered some of their questions about the Mustahil, or as the ‘commoners’ called it, The Impossible Blade. He knew the last possessor of it was Queen Starloscet of Garamur, and all that was left of her kingdom was a small settlement called Barrow-Town. He agreed to travel with the party there, and they set off, albeit slowly, toward their new destination.

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